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Hi! I have had 4 tattoos so far and am keen to get more. My question is, can you tattoo over scar tissue? I want to cover up some scars on my legs but I'm not sure if that's possible? Thanks:)

This has been asked a few times, and recently, but the short answer is most likely. A scar is usually just new skin, no different than the skin that was there before, but it depends on the scar, too. If there’s any concern, you should check with your doctor. Good luck!

Hey. So I have a tattoo of a mermaids the artist over shaded the upper body. What can I do? I can't really get a coverup because it IS a coverup, and it's frickin huge :/

would it be possible for you to submit a picture? it would give us a better idea of what it actually looks like and how we could help (if we can at all.) you could also go to another artist and ask for their thoughts

I'm thinking of getting another tattoo, the hebrew sign for life as my name means life... I wouldn't want it very big and I'm unsure where to have it, any ideas would be appreciated, thank you

personal preference, really. hard to give ideas on this. your body is a canvas and you should paint it as you wish. some places that are popular: upper arm, wrist, back of neck, between shoulder blades, shin area, hip, chest, tramp stamp. something simple like that could really go anywhere. you just have to make the decision as to where. good luck.

Hi, I really want to get a tattoo on my inner forearm. Not too big but neither too small, just a single word written (a song title). It has a really deep and personal meaning for me. It’d be my first tattoo so I’ve been thinking about it for months. But I'm worried about the fact that I’ve been told that it could be an issue for my future job (I'm studying engineering). Now, consider that I want my tattoo to be as delicate as possible in terms of appearance but I'm scared about the consequences.

I always say, never worry about the consequences. Now a days, employers are becoming more and more lenient on tattoos. I honestly would not be worried at all, especially since this is your first (and so far only) tattoo. Also, inner forearm is an EASYYYY place to hide a tattoo. There’s no need to worry at all :)

I had my first tattoo on Sunday, so 2 days ago, it's on my ankle and I'm worried incase it gets infected. My ankle - around the bone is now swollen and I was wondering if that's normal? Also what would be the best way to care for it ? At the moment I wash it with water and my hand about 3 times a day and then apply bepanthol... I wear jeans a lot and they rub my ankle so how could I cover it so it doesn't rub against my ankle ? Thank you!

I think you’d know if it were infected. Every body reacts differently. I wouldn’t worry too much about it as long as you’re taking care of it. Ice will help reduce the swelling. But, if something really looks wrong, then I’d get it checked out! But, swelling shouldn’t be a big deal. It sounds like you’re taking the right steps to keeping it clean, so I really wouldn’t worry about an infection! Keeping it covered is definitely important, though, especially that soon after. I kept mine covered immediately after I got the ink, and kept it covered during the day for a couple days after, letting it breathe at night. Depending on the size, a bandaid could work just fine! You can buy them in larger sizes, some more square, or you could just use gauze and some tape. I’d stick with a regular bandaid if possible, though, because sometimes gauze can stick and irritate it. Hope that helps!

Hi, what colour should a tattoo scab be ? Thank you

I guess it depends on what stage the scab is at..? If it looks like the ink is coming off on part of the scab, it’s usually fine. 

Hi, what do u think about "A tiny, insignificant detail" tattoo? (on the upper inner arm) This sentence really means a lot to me

if it means a lot to you, go for it. you don’t need our approval :)

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Hey there. How do we feel about tattoos just for the sake of art? Like, do all tattoos need some deep meaning? I'm 21, and I've wanted a tattoo since I was 15, but I can never really settle on something because I'm fixated on finding some perfect 'thing' and anytime I think of an idea I talk myself out of it because it doesn't really have any huge meaning to me, apart from looking great and me wanting it. Thoughts?

Here’s what I can say about mine.

My first tat means absolutely nothing to me. I turned 18 and I said what the hell and just got some cute stars on my hip. They’re cute and I live them and want to extend them but they have no meaning for me.

My second tat is my last name which is Italian. I got the English translation, little flower, tattooed on my wrists. I’m proud of my heritage and who I am. Always have been. It’s nothing huge but means a lot to me because it’s who I am. Plus my great grandmother came on the boat from Italy. She was the best and though I never saw her much I can only imagine how brave and strong she must have been. Even at 104 she was keener than anyone and I can only hope to be half the person she was.

I have other tats planned out. My next one is say boarders both meaningful and artistic. Some people might look at it and day oh yeah cool Zelda tattoo. But I’ve thought very hard about what I wanted included in it to the very smallest detail. Because even though I love the series, is also something that means a lot to me. An escape when I needed it. Words of encouragement that I live by. And it made me the kind of creative person I am today, I think.

Long story short. There doesn’t have to be a meaning to a tattoo. Sometimes I think it’s better to get something fun especially if it’s your first. Unless you plan on only having one and you specifically have something meaningful in mind. For example I know a girl who got a tattoo with her best friends signature after she died. She has no plans on ever getting anything else.

It’s just preference but there’s nothing wrong with having ink just for fun :)